Saturday, April 3, 2021


  Garmins are nice. Driving directions. Voice commands. Shows speed and speed limits. Nice

 Not so nice. Reports of theft from locked and unlocked vehicles in residence driveways.

 Another feature of most Garmins and similar devices. They record video if they are so equipped. They also record audio. In the vehicle.

 So if you are in an accident you may have video proof of who might be at fault. You have a video capture of those once-in-a-lifetime events caught while on trips.

 A caution. If the people who have had their vehicle broken into and items stolen. Consider the Garmin's video card was replaced. Now the thief has hours and hours of your in vehicle conversation. Think mobile banking on your smart phone - hands free. We usually have an expectation of privacy and temporary life of our in vehicle conversations. A few financial institutions now allow voice recognition for added security. YOUR voice. That voice confirmation recorded with YOUR voice available for replay.

If we are also unaware those conversations are now stolen......

Very Large trove of Facebook Account data available today 3-April-2021

  Reports of a large collection of Facebook user accounts to include the user's full name, phone numbers, birthdates, bios, eMail addresses.

 Armed with this detailed information attackers can use the data to attack the user and/or take over the Facebook account holder's IDentity.

 Be very careful with explicit and implicit trust. Add this breach to the SolarWinds, the Microsoft Exchange server vulnerability and attacks, and all other manner of breaches of trust, ransomware, and cyber attacks - we all need to ratchet up our awareness, preparedness, and understanding.

 I will add to this post as more detail becomes available.

 Current counts of the stolen accounts: 533,000,000.

 Several billion people use the Internet with its trust models every day. BUT, those who are attacked have a much more difficult life afterwards. They are not after you, They are after anybody

Friday, March 26, 2021

iOS 14.4.2 Update released 26-Mar-2021

  Very few details, save this one: Update ASAP

includes iPadOS 14.4.2 and watchOS 7.3.3 and macOS 11.2.3

AND iOS 12.5.2 for the older iPhones and iPads.

That's how serious!

Android spyware masquerades as System Update

  WARNING: Be so very careful when loading apps outside of the Google Play Store.

 Especially updates. Even more so for System Updates.

 A surge in spyware masquerading as System Update has been detected.

 Once installed the remote attacker can take complete control of the Android device. The spyware can then read and send messages, steal contact lists, record calls, access the camera, and more.

 This spyware app is the most sophisticated seen in recent increases in Android spyware.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Android apps keep crashing?

  Preliminary reports indicate a recent update to Android System WebView might be the problem. As a temporary workaround until the problem is resolved. Uninstall WebView.

Then reinstall WebView application from the Google Play Store after the problem is resolved.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Emergency Windows 10 updateS released today 16-Mar-2021 - daily updates

 If your Windows 10 machine crashes when printing, an emergency patch/fix was released by Microsoft today. 

 Affected printers are thought to include: Ricoh, Dymo, Kyocera.

UPDATE: 19-Mar-2021
 Two of my Windows 10 20H2 machines noted yet another printer driver update today. Both loaded an update but did not apply that update. Another two machines did not list the update later in the day. Reports i have seen indicate certain printer drivers were updated again IF the machine had those printer drivers loaded or installed. The reports indicate no BSOD, but issues with rendering graphics. Your situation may vary.

KB5001649 for Windows 10 20H2

UPDATE: 21-Mar-2021
 The KB5001649 update has been paused.

UPDATE: 23-Mar-2021
KB5001649 released yet again today. i was able to apply to all current windows 10 machines at our home this time

Monday, March 8, 2021

iOS update for iPhone iPad, iWatch, and MacOS

 iOS 14.4.1

iPadOS 14.4.1

watchOS 7.3.2

macOS 11.2.3

 Not much detail from Apple. Thus the urge to update the affected products ASAP